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Financing for Used Cars

We Finance Used Cars | We Finance Auto Loans

Let Me Tell You How to Get Austin TX Financing for Used Cars Right Away

To get financing for Austin used cars in Austin Texas is easier then you think. We finance auto loans to people on economic and financial distress and that is our specialty.

No credit, bad credit, no license, bankruptcy, lost job…whatever! With the many available used auto loans financing options for financing used cars in Austin TX there is no way you will be rejected.

We finance used cars to everyone suffering problems with no credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, foreclosure, zero credit… no matter.


Come On and Visit With Us!
You’ll Never Get a “NO” to Financing New and Used Cars in Austin Texas

Need a used car urgently? Need a new car loan right away? You have been told “NO” in many used cars dealers in Austin? Worry not!

We invite you to come over and walk around our parking lot, select the used car you want to drive and we promise you will get it today. With our special financing options you will drive your car anyway.

Who doesn’t need an auto loan these days? Third Coast Auto Group offers used car loans, new car loans, and auto loan refinance just filling out the used cars financial application. We provide you a quick financing for used cars auto loan response in the next 30 minutes.

If you are just a new customer looking for an used car loan at the most affordable rate of the used cars loan market, please review the Third Coast Auto Group financing used cars online inventory to select the car model you want to drive today.

Check our lower rates and apply today for used cars financing.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Used Cars in Austin

Austin Used Cars Finance People to Buy Used Cars in Austin

Used Trucks and Used Cars from Third Coast Auto Group

An astonishing new used cars and truck finance new system which can help people, I mean everyone to acquire the used car you’ve ever dreamed of – with no risk on your part whatsoever.

You don’t need a great capital to ride a used car in Austin, what you really need is to come to Third Coast Auto Group and find out all the options we have perfectly designed for you so you can get out driving your car today. Yes! In 30 minutes or less. We mean it!

Reason No. 1:

Your Austin used cars are always in perfect shape for you to ride on. You can take your keys of your future used cars or used trucks in Austin and drive around to test it.

Reason No. 2:

If you are happy with it, just fill out our simple used cars in Austin loan’s application and contract deal and drive out your Austin used trucks in 30 minutes.

Reason No. 3:

Third Coast Auto Group don’t have “just sales car’s people”. They differ from other Austin used car dealerships that they rather are customers assistants who work hard enough to satisfy and keep used cars customers for life.

Reason No. 4:

Third Coast Auto Group have and sustain a large inventory of used Austin cars. Majority of Austin used cars for sale we maintain are in good working condition, we do in-house financing and will ride well before your next repair come.

Reason No. 5:

Third Coast Auto Group used cars finance assistants will work an affordable  auto loan plan for you. Yes! A monthly quotas plan suitable to your monthly income, a plan with close relationship to your budget so you pay your car at your earliest convenience.


I spent all of my used cars sales and retail time in South East Texas, Eastern & South Central Texas. What happens when it’s  110 degrees and not a shadow to cover from?

You still will have Third Coast Auto Group used cars sales assistants which sell used cars and used trucks for a living right?

Well, isn’t it obvious, they sell used cars and used trucks with a different attitude:  To support their clients with the best used Ford trucks and cars solutions so the customer drive used cars close to a lifetime.

To sell used cars in Austin Texas, you just have to be creative, and look for ways to bring people into the Third Coast Auto Group dealership storage facility.

The company hold 3 locations to choose used cars from:

1) Third Coast Auto Group 10625 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

2) Third Coast Auto Group at 4401 S. Congress, Austin, TX 78745

3) Third Coast Auto Group at 805 S. Mays, Round Rock, TX 78664.

Regardless of the weather, people buy used cars in Austin and we just do everything we can to insure they buy used cars but at the same time they get great deals, great satisfaction then just buy used trucks from us!

Check over our present used cars inventory, I’m sure you will find a good option to start driving your used car in Austin today:


We can help you find the right car, truck, or SUV at the right price. We have over 50 years experience helping others get the vehicle they need. We offer in-house financing for our Austin used cars

We offer‎: used Cars In-house financing, on-site approval, trade-in vehicles

Used Cars Austin Texas Information

Who doesn’t want to drive an used car in Austin today? If you are looking for used cars in Austin Texas, or Round Rock TX used trucks while living in Austin TX, who would you look first? If I were you looking for used cars in Austin I would probably be looking for friendly funding and lower finance rates.

Well, let me tell you that for used cars in Austin, Third Coast Auto Group is providing you with 3 Austin used cars‘ locations. Two in Austin Texas and one in Round Rock Texas. And great used cars finance opportunities no one else can give today. And we meant that!

Our used cars financing group specializes in helping you buying a car with bad credit, no credit, poor credit, even if with no credit record at all we will be helping you get a used car loan even after bankruptcy, and even if you never had used trucks no credit check or even car loans we will do our best to find a solution for you.

We stand to our promise to help you drive your used car or used truck in Austin today. Even more than that, once you fill out an application with us we will make you drive your used car in Round Rock or if you rather prefer an used truck in Austin TX, you will drive yours in the next 30 minutes.

Finding auto loans online is really difficult. You will get a lot of promises and will regret failing through other used cars in Austin providers. We recognize your time is the most valuable asset in your daily living. Guess what? We have 3 professional and ready positive assistants working here to help you drive you Austin used cars right now.

Normally, wherever you got to look for used cars in Austin or used trucks in Round Rock, they will require a large down payment from you. This is what make those company business run, we understand this! We are different. We are here to help customers jump on the used cars or used trucks of their dreams and we are ready to give them the keys for a ride.

Come over to see our used cars in Austin Texas. Check the used car in Austin or used truck in Round Rock you would like to own. Ask any one of our team for the keys to try it. Go over and try it the time you want. Then, do you have a down payment? No matter how much… we are positively open and ready to negotiate with you.

Come over and visit with us. We will provide you with different options and asses you the best way – no one else will ever do – to overcome the most critical situations of bad credit, no credit, poor credit, never had credit before, foreclosure, bankruptcy – whatever – to help you drive your used car on the spot.

We finance used cars to anyone! Please, come over for any no credit check car dealerships location of Austin used cars. Check all our options online and drive your used car in Austin Texas in the next 30 minutes!

Austin used cars financing options available to everyone. You will ride on today!
Austin Used Cars for Sale, We Never Say No to Your Used Trucks in Austin Texas.

Hello World! Austin Used Cars Finance Up Hilly Land

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